Redfin Goaded Into Long, Crazy Post by Rain City Guide…

Ardell DellaLoggia posted a very thoughtful argument today about Redfin’s obligation as a real estate broker (can a post be very thoughtful if it’s titled “Is Redfin a ‘slut’?” Apparently, yes). In it she argues that e-commerce companies exploit traditional providers’ service ethic, comparing Redfin to an Amazon that benefits when someone browses at Borders,… Read More

Redfin Holiday Party

The Redfin Holiday Party was in many ways different from last year’s party: 1. No one said he had to leave to meet his parole officer. 2. The “potluck” did not entail employees buying a Safeway fried chicken & expensing it. 3. Both women and men willingly attended. 4. The world’s most eligible Korean bachelor… Read More

Seasons Givings

I’ve read a lot of articles this week about people giving back: from funding technology to find a cure for ALS, educating people about AIDS/HIV with today’s World AIDS Day , how to join the ranks of WarrBill (my “clever” Brangelina mash-up for Buffett and Gates). There even was a story in The Wall Street… Read More