Adult Content

We just discovered that a dominatrix has links to Redfin listings on her site. Also: has anyone in real estate noticed that a judge has granted an injunction against Google and Amazon’s efforts to scrape photos off adult Web sites? David Eraker, our founder, pointed it out to me the other day. Interesting to us,… Read More

Meet the Agents!

Redfin put together a Web seminar this week for folks trying to figure out whether or not they want to make an offer through Redfin Direct, the online service for buying a house. We’ve gotten lots of calls about Direct, and though we don’t mind the calls a bit, we thought a Web seminar might… Read More

College recruiting

Redfin has quadrupled in size over the past few months, which isn’t hard to do when you start small. Now we’re hitting the college campuses in search of brilliant people. This worked well for us at my previous venture, Plumtree, where we set out to get the best engineers from Stanford and Berkeley. We grew… Read More

Redfin & Zillow

Redfin appeared today in the New York Times. The article was the 2nd-most e-mailed article on the New York Times’s site. The article also discussed Zillow’s launch. We were glad to see that Zillow seems to have no intention of being an online broker, since that’s what we do. In fact we may advertise on… Read More