Hello Listing Agents: Working with Redfin

Some agents at other brokerages have contacted Redfin, wondering how it works when we close a transaction.

Here’s what we do: we go over all the terms of an offer with our customers, often face-to-face here in our office. We show up at the property for inspections and appraisals as needed. We make sure the customer gets hooked up with their choice of title insurance and escrow agents, whom we work with to make sure everything goes smoothly. There hasn’t been a hitch yet.

We aim to provide the best possible service from offer to close. Our Direct agents would be like any other real estate agents except for these fundamental differences:

–> we attract customers only via our Web site,
–> we let people find a home to buy on their own,
–> we let buyers draft an offer online,
–> we pay our employees on customer satisfaction, not commissions,
–> we give 2/3rds of our commission to the buyer.

Our goal is to be easy to work with, so that buyers and sellers can make good deals with a minimum of fuss.