Cue Dave Eraker, Redfin Founder!

Our irrepressible founder, Dave Eraker, is headlining a panel discussion on online real estate at the MIT Enterprise Forum tonight at the Bellevue Hyatt. He’s appearing alongside two executives from Zillow and one from House Values. He’ll be the only representative of an online company whose customer is the consumer. The event is sold out…. Read More

A Few Good Links

A few interesting links to check out: An intrepid blogger at the Tacoma News Tribune promises to review Redfin’s site. Especially auspicious as this is a new real estate blog. And, we forgot to mention until now that Redfin and the usual suspects got written up in the real estate section of the Seattle Times… Read More

Good idea…

Great post yesterday on BusinessWeek about offering a commission discount on standard service, with upside for the agent if the client sells her house above the asking price. You pay more for better service at a restaurant, so why not pay more for better real estate service? We have been trying to figure out what… Read More

It's Just Not the Same…

Some real estate folks think of Redfin as a discounter. This seems so 1997 to us. No one thinks of E-Trade as a discount stock brokerage; that’s Schwab. No one thinks of Amazon as a discount bookstore; that’s Half-Price Books. E-Trade is an online stock brokerage; Amazon is an online retailer. Similarly, the primary difference… Read More