A Few Good Links

A few interesting links to check out:

An intrepid blogger at the Tacoma News Tribune promises to review Redfin’s site.
Especially auspicious as this is a new real estate blog.

And, we forgot to mention until now that Redfin and the usual suspects got written up in the real estate section of the Seattle Times last weekend. Most noteworthy from our perspective: asked about industry-wide changes, John L. Scott and Windermere stick to their guns on a traditional model, with no discount.

And, finally, unrelated to real estate, but very good: Guy Kawasaki’s blog on Silicon Valley tests your entrepreneurial quotient. Every week, Guy turns out amazing advice, and the blog is always fun to read too. Take the test, and if you get better than a 20, you should probably take my job too (ha ha).

Sorry that some of this is old news; it has been a busy week.


  • Eric D.

    Speaking of Tacoma- when will RedFin start adding listings for your oft-ignored neighbors in Pierce County?

  • http://www.redfin.com Glenn Kelman

    Hopefully by the summer. No disrespect intended to Tacoma, or Everett either…