A Wrangle of Real Estate Panelists

Groups of animals are known by all sorts of names:
* a smack of jellyfish
* a peep of chickens
* an exaltation of larks
* an ostentation of peacocks
* an unkindness of ravens
* a murmuration of starlings
* a pitying of turtledoves
* a walk of snipe
* a hover of trout
* a harras of horses
* a sloth of bears
* a skulk of foxes
* a crash of rhinoceroses
* a business of ferrets

Reflecting on last week’s MIT Forum event on real estate, we couldn’t help but wonder: what would you call a group of real estate panelists?


  • http://www.raincityguide.com Dustin

    I vote for a bubble of real estate panelists.

  • Jerry

    How about a “lot” of real estate panelists.

  • Kent

    A market of real estate panelists