Big Map!

Thanks in part to suggestions from some of our blogging friends, Redfin has published a new version of our site, with a larger map, and a mouse-over feature that lets consumers see prices and # of rooms! We worried that it would be too much for people with small, low-resolution monitors, but decided after some usability studies that most Redfinners had big displays. We’ve gotten some ooh’s and ah’s from our feedback form, but you can also leave comments here. We want to make sure we got it right.

In other news, we’re running as a regular thing the Web seminars about how to buy a house online, as lots of people have come, and it seems to be a good forum.



  • Dustin

    I really like the new map!

    The bigger map, the mouseovers and the yellow bubbles for the display are all great stuff.

    The “view list” features is also new to me (but that may be because I haven’t played around on your site for a while). The implementation of this table is really nice and I like that you can sort on the key features. However, I’m wondering if there might be a clearer way to articulate why you are not displaying all the properties. I understand that it is because they are “STI”, but it comes off as if you’re hiding something when you say “39 Properties, 27 Unmapped”. When far from hiding stuff, you’re really just saving users time by not displaying homes that are unlikely to come back on the market.

    Overall, I like where you are going!


    • Glenn Kelman

      Thanks for your kind words! NB: One reason a listing doesn’t show up on the map is because the listing does not include a complete address. You can also have multiple listings at one address as, for example, when a bunch of condos come up for sale in a new building.

  • Jerry

    I too have been puzzled by the discrepancy between the numbers of properties found and the number that are actually displayed.

    I’m happy to finally have an answer.

    I’d like to add, though, that I want to see houses that are STI. Deals sometimes fall through and I want to be able to contact the seller and let them know that I’m interested if the STI deal doesn’t close for whatever reason.