Cue Dave Eraker, Redfin Founder!

Our irrepressible founder, Dave Eraker, is headlining a panel discussion on online real estate at the MIT Enterprise Forum tonight at the Bellevue Hyatt. He’s appearing alongside two executives from Zillow and one from House Values. He’ll be the only representative of an online company whose customer is the consumer.

The event is sold out. Agents in the blogosphere have been talking about attending all week.

Anything could happen with Dave on a panel. He’s a born entrepreneur: charismatic, disruptive, outspoken, and an odd combination of fearless and introspective. If we had sent anyone else to the event, it wouldn’t be half as interesting as it promises to be. Good luck, Dave.


  • Glenn Kelman

    We’d be happy to talk to you, Paul. What’s the best way to contact you?

  • Paul Chaney

    I left a request for an interview in the comments on your initial post. (Seemed like a good place to do so) I’d like to append that request with one asking if it would be possible to interview Eric as well. I’m sure he’d have much to say on the subject.