It's Just Not the Same…

Some real estate folks think of Redfin as a discounter.

This seems so 1997 to us. No one thinks of E-Trade as a discount stock brokerage; that’s Schwab. No one thinks of Amazon as a discount bookstore; that’s Half-Price Books. E-Trade is an online stock brokerage; Amazon is an online retailer.

Similarly, the primary difference between Redfin and other real estate brokerages is that Redfin is an online brokerage. We aren’t trying to offer the same service as traditional brokerages but at a lower price; we offer online service — which is not, by the way, an absence of service — at a completely different price.

A discounter wants to seem to customers just like a traditional brokerage. We don’t. A discounter still spends most of its money on sales people. We spend most of ours on our Web site. Call us crazy, but we believe that some people actually *prefer* online service, irrespective of price.


  • Ardell DellaLoggia

    Well it doesn’t seem that a “website” can “represent” someone.

    If the person is buying online and representing themselves, then I agree that you are like and not a “discounter”

    On the purchase and sale agreement Line 15, does it say Buyer Agent represents “Neither Party”?

    If you represent the buyer under the Washington Laws of Agency, then I think the term “discounter” likely fits. Though I don’t understand why that would bother you. What “they” call you doesn’t change what you do.

    If the buyer is representing themselves and using a website to complete the forms needed, then they are “buying online” and you are not a discounter.

    That’s my take on it.

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