Red on Red

Earlier this week the Seattle Times printed a blurb about Redfin (us) and Red Fin (the Asian fusion restaurant) pondering how we could combine our services. With that question in mind, a few folks on the Redfin support team visited the Red Fin restaurant and combined ourselves with their sushi. Here’s a photo of us… Read More

Redfin's Mind: In the Sewer Again

In its discussion of Redfin’s MapStats technology, the New York Times‘ real estate blog notes that the pace of technology innovation has become “ferocious.” Of course, we agree. But such innovations aren’t always glamorous. For example, one insightful reader this evening asked that we incorporate information about sewer work permits on our map, which is… Read More

An F in Usability

Best Web posting on design this week is by the Great Dane Jakob Nielsen, who charted 232 people’s eye movements as they scanned a Web page, and discovered that they go across the top, then across again but lower, and then down the left side, describing an F on the page. Handy for Redfin as… Read More