From Ballard to Reno is a Long Way

Our CTO, Brian Marsh, shredded some logs to figure out the most popular neighborhoods searched for by name over the past four weeks on Redfin:

  1. Ballard (once the “center of the world’s largest shingle industry”): 47,124 searches by name
  2. Bellevue: 46,290 searches by name
  3. Redmond: 36,867 searches by name

It took less than 30 days for 723 people to spell Bellevue “Bellvue;” 16 people spelled Georgetown “Gorgetown.” 294 people searched for the country of Spain (but only 83 for Canada), 162 for the state of Georgia, 145 for Hawaii (all me, in a single rainy afternoon). At the bottom of the list, as it so often is, was Reno, which had two searches.

There were no searches for “couldn’t afford a home in Vegas” or “heartbreak” or “had to sell my car to get home.”

PS: Redfin has been in the news! Our new mapping technology (MapStats) was covered in the SeattlePI twice. Hats off to John Cook and Jessica Swesey for being such speed freaks.

PPS: Thanks to everyone who told us to fix the way property detail pages popped up from the map. We got it wrong, and you set us straight. A patch went out a few hours after we got the first complaint.