Google Enters Real Estate; Will Real Estate Enter Google?

Google, as everyone notes today, is launching a search engine for real estate, but without MLS access. Damon Darlin of the New York Times immediately recognizes that the problem is therefore that there just aren’t enough pins in Google’s map.
Google Home-tm.jpg
Our question: why don’t real estate sites publish each night an HTML page for every listed property, so that these properties can be indexed in a search engine? Don’t we want more people to find their way to our sites via Google? The point isn’t to provide the best search functionality; the point is to make it easy for buyers to easily find properties, using a variety of tools. Think of it as search engine optimization on a grand scale, for real estate.


  • Phil

    Could also do some interesting things with geocoding and microformats. Might be good for Redfin from a tech perspective to take the lead in propagating microformats related to real estate. Google may just pick them up.

  • Eric H.

    I think there is a way to split the difference here. You want to retain the value of the information on Redfin, so that people realize what a great site it is. However, you also want to make sure people unfamiliar with Redfin know what’s there. I think optimizing information found in random places on Redfin’s site (such as house porn) for search engines is the way to go. People will find that and see the long term value in becoming directly involved with the site.

  • Caty Tota

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