Guy Kawasaki, Fred Wilson Strike Again!

Best blog entries of the past 24 hours:

–> Guy Kawasaki’s “crazy stories” about nuns driving schoolbuses filled with steel, Virgin encouraging its customers to fly BA and First Interstate’s rolling trucks up to a competitors’ branches. I once heard that Virgin was going to debut in San Francisco by flying a 747 under the Golden Gate bridge; exactly the kind of rumor you could believe about Virgin (even though what most of us crave most is a little personality, most marketing campaigns try to be corporate & grown-up)
–> Fred Wilson’s insight that 409a will make cheap stock cheaper, not the other way around, which dovetails nicely with recently NYT articles on objectivity and executive compensation consultants actually contributing to pay inflation.

Redfin just hired a valuation consultant for 409a, and of course we’re always trying to cook up crazy competitive tactics, so this stuff was useful to us.