More Porn: From Boardwalk to Mediterranean Avenue

Dostoevsky recognized the lurid appeal of the high and the low better than anyone. He’d probably be able to explain why so many people, on seeing the most expensive and the most popular homes in our database, immediately asked for the lowest-priced property added to Redfin this week (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,440 square feet, $39,950, south of Renton, east of SeaTac).

The picture has a gothic loneliness to it, doesn’t it? I think the plant was meant to cheer the place up, but it has instead an odd scarecrow effect. The home is vacant now, so there is probably no one around to water it. A little love would go a long way here.

In other news, a Redfin Direct customer was in the Wall Street Journal today, on the first page of the personal finance section, talking about her experience buying through Redfin. We’d link to directly to the article, but a subscription is required. It was a really nice piece, and we very much appreciated the support of one of our early customers.

  • Phil

    Great post. Gothic, indeed.

    Congrats on the WSJ mention.