Phat Pads, Sweet Digs, Hot Properties, But Not…

A few folks have found the term “house porn” — our daily feature on newly listed mansions, shacks, and screaming deals — unappealing. What’s disconcerting to us is the idea that our use of this phrase might be construed as sanctifying something else, which there is nothing funny about. We apologize, and hope that you can give us a mulligan on this one: we’re a young company, we aren’t always self-aware, we make mistakes.

Beyond that, we need a new phrase for a feature that we’re building into our blog, our newsletter and our site — updating home-shoppers on cool properties and ninja tactics:
–> The Mob Scene: Redfin’s most clicked-on properties
–> The Mansions: the most expensive new properties
–> The Shacks: the least expensive new properties
–> The Most Bang for Your Buck: the least expensive-per-square-foot properties
–> The War Stories: the latest cutting-edge tactics for winning houses, from real customers
–> The Stats: fresh-out-of-the-database pricing data
We spend all day looking at this data compulsively, and we think it’s fun, addictive, almost Tetris-like. (Sign up now for the newsletter by e-mailing newsletter (@) redfin (dot) com with Redfin in the subject line)

To distinguish juicy real estate updates from boring corporate newsletters, our name has to have some personality. Candidates from the Redfin name generator (pictured below) & Eric Heller include:
–> Sweet Digs
–> Phat Pads
–> Hot Properties


If you have any ideas, please post a comment.


  • Eric

    Why does the Redfin name generator look like something you put a scuba diver into when he came up a little too fast? Is that where you guys get your best work done? :-)

  • Glenn Kelman

    Actually, most of our best ideas come from the opposite phenomenon: self-induced nitrogen narcosis, or rapture of the deep.