Staggers Under the Load of MapStats Freaks

Big Redfin news is headed your way! Redfin’s launching MapStats today, which lets you see neighborhood statistics like median price and dollars-per-square foot change in real-time as you move around the map.
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To turn it on, check the Statistics box below the map. Then start playing around: move 500 yards towards Madison Park’s waterfront and average price goes up $50K; move 1 mile closer to the airport in Georgetown & prices go down $100K.

What’s interesting about it is that it’s a different way of thinking about maps: as a visual way of querying for information, which can then be used for further analysis. In the past, maps have just been used to show end results.

But eventually, this window can be used to query for all sorts of contextual information about a neighborhood: crime and demographic data, average time on market, relevant neighborhood Web feeds can all change as you move from neighborhood to neighborhood. We’re filing for patents on this approach

It’s one of those features you can just get lost in. After nine hours of continuous use, our focus group suffered massive brain damage:


Hats off to Sean Richter, Bryan Selner, our illustrious founder, David Eraker, and everyone else on the Redfin Team for making this happen.


  • Phil

    Cool feature! Wish we had that where I live. When do you come to the Bay Area?

  • Glenn Kelman

    Redfin comes to the Bay Area in the summer (whenever that is, in the Bay Area…).

    • David

      Is there any chance that you guys might also add current dclu work permits for each neighborhood? Its all online as well and would be really cool to see here as well. It would give me another reason to look on redfin to see what’s going on in my neighborhood, even when I’m not looking for a house…

  • Glenn Kelman

    Great idea! What we need to do is empower third-parties to build on our map, so that anyone can add layers/mashups.