See What the Geeks Are Raving About! (A Contest, What Fun!)

Redfin has become Seattle’s most-trafficked brokerage site through $100 a week in Google ads and word-of-mouth. We love it because it’s inexpensive and honest but every day we run into people who say Redfin? What’s that? We’re buying some ad space on Zillow and a few other sites, and now we’ve worked up a few ads.

Redfin Ads.jpg

Maybe you can tell we came up with the ads on our own. So we wondered if you could help us tune ‘em up? Leave a comment and tell us which one you like best.

But wait. Maybe you think you can come up with something totally different & awesome on your own? Then show us what you got! Post a short, punchy tag-line as a comment, and we’ll flow our fave into an ad that we put up here next week. Even better, you can also design your own & link it in. Winner gets $500 and a place in our Google-like hall of fame. We’ll even run the ad and tell you how it performed (include your e-mail when you comment so we can track down the winner).

Come on, it’s a $500 prize, what have you got to lose? GO CRAZY!


  • Joel

    New Listing: 12 bdrm, 8 bath, deluxe kitchen w/restaurant quality appliances, pool, 2 hot tubs, 4 car garage, servant’s quarters, marble floors, backs onto 1 acre yard & lake w/dock.

    Dreaming? With the money you’ll save at Redfin…

  • Joel

    Real Estate 2.0

  • jeremy

    when navigating murky waters, it’s best to have an expert guide.

    (red shark fin logo skirting the top of choppy water)

  • Rhonda

    81% better service
    $11,402 less money

    Redfin: a better way to buy a home.

  • Dustin

    What makes you think you are Seattle’s most-trafficked brokerage site? ;)

    Anyway, playing to your strengths (and the “long” style ads above), here’s my shot:






    (There’s a
    reason real
    estate agents
    in Seattle
    are scared
    of the

  • Mike Bates

    Don’t click this if you want to pay your realtor $28,000+ to sell your home

  • Matt

    Used your format. Let me know what you think…

  • Kent

    Here’s my attempt.

    Out of the 3 you already have, I like the third one the best.

  • KG

    House Finder?

    (graphic to show Finder turning into Redfin)


    (taking advantage of finder/redfin anagaram)

  • JamesS

    (If ad on Zillow)
    You mean wanted a Web 2.0 real estate site that showed listings AND past sales?

    Check out Redfin & see what the geeks are raving about.

  • Ethan

    Redfin: simply real estate

  • elli

    What’s better than shopping for a home in your underpants? Saving money in your underpants!

  • Matt

    try this one… click the URL

  • Aly

    For the record, my fav of the ads you’ve already written is the third one (the avg person…) but i must say, i like ethan’s entry an awful lot! HA!

  • aly

    wait… now that i see it, it’s elli’s entry i like… :)

    • elli

      oh, i must add, if i had the images, of a man scruffy in his boxers shoppping for homes and then later, a man scruffy in his boxers with cash spilling out of his boxers

      *wink wink*

  • Rodney

    Ok here is mine

    Does your realtor ask you to bend over and grab your ankles?

    not at

  • Rodney

    Uno Mas

    Que Bueno!

    Se Habla Espanol!

  • Michelle

    Fishing for a home?
    Use RedFin
    What’s our bait?
    Cash in your pocket.

    • Michelle

      When was the last time you made money buying a home?

      • Kris

        REDeFINing the way you buy homes

    • Kris

      so who won?

  • Mark Littrell

    Find the home of your dreams…while you sell the home you’re in.

    Find, buy and sell homes online

  • Bahn

    There are some gems in this list. Keep ‘em coming!

  • elli

    What the heck. I’ll try redfin.

    What the he~~ck!?! I saved so much money!

    *it can only be my type of “what the he~~ck” for this to work though*