You HAVE to check out the new creepy Century 21 ad

Century 21 is running a weird new ad in which a sinister wife pressures her chubby, hapless husband into buying more house than they can afford.
The husband looks miserable. The tension between the two crests when the wife, neck muscles flaring, says: “Suzanne [the agent] researched this.” Then, to our surprise, we learn that the agent has been a party to the entire scene of marital strife via a speakerphone. The agent does nothing beyond chiming in over the phone “you guys can DO this” (apparently she has become an expert on the family’s finances).

In a review of the ad on Slate (“The nasty wife in the Century 21 ad”), Seth Stevenson describes the ad as “terrifying” and concludes: “of course your agent wants you to buy a house you can’t afford — she gets a bigger commission!”

Tolstoy was apparently wrong, the greatest tragedies occur not in the bedroom, but over a speakerphone.


  • Kent

    I saw this ad on TV and had the same reaction. Creepy. Why would I want my agent siding with my wife to pressure me into doing something I don’t feel comfortable with? I understand what they were trying to convey, but they didn’t do a very good job.

  • Jim A.

    Real estate is sold to women. The ad is supposed to show you that their agent will gang up with you to persuade your husbund to buy.

  • Mike Flacklestein

    I live at 11341 Commonwealth in Seattle. Been up here before?

  • Karl

    Sure they want you to buy what you can’t afford.Then clown you later as inexperienced.(They need a way to afford a home themselves.)I also think some of them are just selfish enough to rob people.Plain and simple.