YouTubing Your House

At Redfin, we’re always interested in technologies that let you see more about a property in your PJ’s. So we wondered, why aren’t more agents uploading videos to places like YouTube? It’s free, and even when the video itself is kind of cheesy, it’s cool.
Check out the video for this Tukwila fixer-upper. And while you’re on YouTube, enjoy the many-many-splendored weirdness (Kermit lip-synching the Counting Crows, an acrobat-Kung-fu-breakdancer , the greatest lip-synch of all time, another Internet chestnut, and the latest lip-synching phenoms, courtesy of Slate) of the Internet.

  • Mike

    I love the idea of YouTube/MySpace functionality for house sellers. Most sellers are not trying to hide anything, and this allows a seller to augment the basic data in MLS.

    Also, sellers typically provide a “packet” of disclosures, pre-inspection reports (pest, geo), documented upgrades, etc. If Redfin could provide guidance to sellers (and perhaps automate the documentation process) on state/city legal compliance and local practices, that would be a huge benefit to sellers concerned about losing a full-service realtor’s hand-holding.

  • Bahn – Redfin

    That’s a great idea, Mike. It could be something that our agents add to the checklist of things to do in addition to taking offers, negotiating, etc…