Could Someone Please Queue a Cheesy Journey Song? (Redfin Expands to Bay Area)

Redfin went bananas today, announcing $8 million in funding, expansion to the Bay Area, and over 40 pending or closed transactions. Best of all, there is our brand-new site, with a gorgeous new orange interface, time-on-market queries, and map-driven averages for past sales alongside new listings. The engineers and designers who worked through the night… Read More

Please be patient…

We’ve heard from quite a few folks that it’s been hard to RSVP to the TechCrunch event — the wiki keeps getting locked by multiple editors — please just be patient. The attendee list is shaping up nicely, with Robert Scoble, some Google folks and all sorts of start-ups piling on to the list. Read More

TechCrunch Seattle

A few weeks ago, we heard that TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington was coming to town, and decided to throw a party for all the Web 2.0 companies in Seattle to meet one another and talk about what they’re doing. The PI’s John Cook and NPR’s John Moe immediately signed up for the project, a few mystery… Read More

Before the Honeymoon

Guy Kawasaki posted another stunning entry today on all the ways a start-up can screw up in its execution (“After the Honeymoon“). It has pitch-perfect advice on how to handle everything from crappy PR agencies to slipped product schedules. But oftentimes execution is the second, not the first problem. The first problem is that nobody… Read More

"A Great Site for a New Home!"

The most clicked-on Redfin property today is a tiny U-District place on a big lot: $360,000, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 730 square feet on a 4,000-square foot lot, built in 1947. The pictures show some depth-of-field and even a little flair: The backyard seems especially lush and rustic: It makes me think how pretty Seattle… Read More