"A Great Site for a New Home!"

The most clicked-on Redfin property today is a tiny U-District place on a big lot: $360,000, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 730 square feet on a 4,000-square foot lot, built in 1947. The pictures show some depth-of-field and even a little flair:
University District Real Estate Seattle.jpg
The backyard seems especially lush and rustic:
University District Home Seattle.jpg
It makes me think how pretty Seattle must have been in 1947. The house last sold in July 1999 for $96,500. The median list for the Wallingford area is $549,925, so it seems like a good deal:
University District Neighborhood Seattle.jpg
The listing agent notes that the place is “livable” and “rentable” but also “a great site for a new home!” A house a block south with 1,200 finished square feet last sold for $440,000 in March 2006.

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