Could Someone Please Queue a Cheesy Journey Song? (Redfin Expands to Bay Area)

Redfin went bananas today, announcing $8 million in funding, expansion to the Bay Area, and over 40 pending or closed transactions. Best of all, there is our brand-new site, with a gorgeous new orange interface, time-on-market queries, and map-driven averages for past sales alongside new listings.

San Francisco.jpg

The engineers and designers who worked through the night on the release have gone home to rest up for the TechCrunch party, which, like everything else Redfin, will be open-ended, prone to lunacy, barely but enthusiastically put-together, fan-freaking-tastic. Mike Arrington, Paul Allen, Robert Scoble and John Moe are coming. We’ve heard rumors that TV crews might show up. We’re fretting over how many pizzas to order, and we hope you’ll bring your laptops to strut your stuff.
San Francisco Bay Area.jpg
And we’re all watching the traffic to see how the Bay Area will respond to our site. Rosemary Vo, our lead California agent, drove us all over town yesterday to meet the Wall Street Journal, KRON TV, the San Jose Mercury News, the Contra Costa Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and Inman News as well as a few bloggers. It was a wild ride (my hair got so mussed up in the madness that a bird tried to land in it, which embarrassed us both). At the very end of the day, coming through the tunnel on 24, the whole bay opened up before us with the city showing white in the sun. It seemed like a brave new world, and it was exciting to feel, after all the work to come that far, that we had no idea what would happen next.

Please let us know what you think of the site, what problems we need to fix, and how many people you think will come to the party so we can apply the wisdom of crowds to the now-paramount question of how many pizzas to order.



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