First Time Home Buyers Really Do Buy Houses Online

With almost twenty offers signed, sealed and delivered and dozens more in the queue, it’s high time we introduce a new feature on the Redfin blog, Maniac Emptor (Emptor, a buyer and Maniac, a Maniac for Redfin). First up are Michael and Anna Teter. We’ve got a soft spot for them for many reasons:

1. They were one of the first customers to ever submit an online offer
2. They’re first-time home-buyers
3. They got out-bid twice, and bailed on a third after a terrifying inspection, and still they stuck with us
4. To win their house, they had to fend off two agents who snuck in during a private pre-inspection
5. Cute kid that goes to the same classes that I took my son to at the Community Birth & Family Center

Here’s what they won: A nicely remodeled place in the Central District and $8,380 from Redfin!

Redfin Direct Client Teter Central District Seattle Real Estate.JPG