Ryan Erickson, New York Times Superstar & Customer Service Speed-Freak

A New York Times report today on falling home prices covered a Redfin Direct support member in glory: in an aside on Seattle’s unabated high levels of demand, the Times noted that Redfin had been forced to hire Ryan Erickson, U.S. national champion in the X-Box game Project Gotham Racing 2, to help us deal with all the Redfin Direct action.


We weren’t sure how Ryan would do when strapped into the Chair of Madness to prep paperwork and take calls, let alone what would happen in the field when he hosted inspections and delivered keys, but the guy is a total speed freak, a multi-tasker extraodinaire, and a customer service maniac. He’s come through like a champ. All told Ryan has been involved with over 50 deals in the past four weeks alone.

Seattle Real Estate.jpg

Having started a gaming cafe before joining Redfin, Ryan fit right in: Redfin employees have founded bars, pizzerias, cafes, electronics manufacturers, baby-stroller e-commerce sites, design studios, architecture firms, real estate agencies, car clubs and even a few software companies. Redfin is sponsoring Ryan at the next World Cyber Games in Monza, Italy, where he promised to compete bare-chested, covered in red paint (we told him just wearing a t-shirt would be fine). Here’s a picture of Ryan, wearing all of his clothes:
*Ryan works fast, but he’s not actually on speed.