TechCrunch Seattle

A few weeks ago, we heard that TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington was coming to town, and decided to throw a party for all the Web 2.0 companies in Seattle to meet one another and talk about what they’re doing. The PI’s John Cook and NPR’s John Moe immediately signed up for the project, a few mystery guests are rumored to be flying in, and hopefully you’ll come too. To get things going, we agreed to pay for the first 20 pizzas and a few kegs of beer.

Why come? Seattle already has plenty of functions for business people to eat tasty breakfasts (Seattle’s Rotary Club is the most powerful in the nation), but that doesn’t quite bring together the berserk energy of a whole bunch of start-ups getting to know one another and sharing ideas. There’s a reason that, even in a largely virtual world, start-ups tend to cluster around a few spots, like Silicon Valley and Seattle. And the reason is that every once in a while, the entrepreneurs need to emerge from their offices to meet, perchance to talk, and to drink too much.

Check back here tomorrow, and we’ll confirm that we’ve been able to rig up wireless for you to show off whatever you’re building. The event is next Wednesday, May 31, from 6:30 – 11 at ConWorks, a funky artistic space south of Lake Union.

Redfin’s Eric Heller rode his bike from our office earlier this afternoon to get some pictures:
Isn’t that pretty? See you next week!