Redfin Customers Hit the Front Page

Redfin’s customers made the front page of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer last Saturday, in an article that turned out to be the paper’s most e-mailed story.

Phuong Cat Le, the very sharp PI reporter, interviewed us in a warm conference room crammed with AV equipment, beginning with “your competitors don’t seem to like you very much” and going downhill from there. I tried to act like a CEO, but instead became intensely self-conscious of my bodily functions, then fantasized about lunch. I came back and told Rob McGarty, “We’re going down.”
But the story came out dandy. There was a picture of a happy couple, standing in front of their Redfin-purchased home with their daughter in a pink baseball cap. There was a disgruntled executive from a traditional brokerage, who worried that Redfin customers couldn’t win in competitive situations, followed by a Redfin customer who beat out four other offers.

There was even a colorful quote, from a Redfin customer who complained that the “current real estate model seems like an all-you-can-eat buffet… The people who eat a lot get a deal. The people who eat very little get the short end of the stick.” (According to a 2005 study of California home-buyers, folks who search for homes on the Internet use two weeks of an agent’s time instead of the standard five, even if they pay the same price.)

The story also publicized a new Redfin service, where our Project Gotham Racing champion will be driving people around on private home tours for $250 per half-day. If you can’t get into a property through an open house or by contacting the listing agent, call us: 877-9-Redfin.