Inman Conference Report: Realtors Gone Wild, Redfin Wins Most Innovative B-Model

Inman’s big Connect conference kicked off today in San Francisco. It isn’t raining here, but the city was pretty all the same: For starters, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington threw Molotov cocktails for an opening keynote at the new geek side of the conference, Inman’s Connect Tech, bringing in a dump-truck of ideas about everything that is… Read More

Real Estate Gotterdammerung

Redfin is going to Washington tomorrow, to testify before the Congressional Subcommittee on Housing and Community about how MLS rules and minimum-service laws gum up Internet businesses. Michael Oxley, who came up with the post-Enron Sarbanes-Oxley bill that made executives accountable for their financial statements, is leading the charge against the realtors. So the guy… Read More

Redfin on the Radio

Redfin was on the radio over the weekend, in an hour-long nationally syndicated program called “Real Estate Today.” I’d prepared a few jokes but then got too nervous to try them out, so we mostly talked about how the Redfin Direct service works. It was fun. I got all dressed up only to be met… Read More