Redfin Bay Area Customers Hit the Airwaves!

After a few anxious, quiet weeks following our May 31 Bay Area launch, Redfin Direct’s California business has really started taking off, with over thirty offers submitted through Redfin Direct, and our first two deals already scheduled to close. We’ve also got a bunch of California listings.

One of our first Bay Area customers, Colleen and Scott Barneson, were on the news the other night. Lead California agent Rosemary Vo got it Tivo’d and Bahn Lee loaded it up onto the Web. Seeing it on YouTube, I kept waiting for somebody to start lipsynching. But then I remembered that real estate is a serious business…

The segment compared the service a Redfin customer gets with what the customer of a traditional agent gets. The upshot was that Redfin is a good deal if you feel comfortable picking out the property on your own (or, as we like to put it, without any pressure).

This little segment actually says a lot about what kind of person buys a house online. The traditional agent’s customer was buying as a single person, whereas the Redfin customer was actually a couple. The traditional agent’s customer was new to the area, whereas the Redfin customer knew Danville pretty well. So you can see how it probably made more sense for the couple, who could talk to each other about the property, to work with an online brokerage like us. And, we have to admit, it isn’t such a leap to understand why that nice, lonely guy might have a perfectly good reason to use a traditional agent to drive him around Berkeley.

If you’re into Redfin, and you want to make your own video — especially if you want to spice things up a bit — let us know and we’ll send our YouTube crew your way!