Redfin on the Radio

Redfin was on the radio over the weekend, in an hour-long nationally syndicated program called “Real Estate Today.” I’d prepared a few jokes but then got too nervous to try them out, so we mostly talked about how the Redfin Direct service works.

It was fun. I got all dressed up only to be met by the host (who was very kind), Tom Kelly, in shorts and sandals. I got to walk through a newsroom, which was like many of the other newsrooms I’ve visited: the zing of action with televisions tuned to CNN and desks crammed together in a low-walled cube farm, but without all the people you’d hope to see.

In the sound studio, there was a half-naked picture of David Hasselhoff taped to a wall. There was a gigantic fuzzy microphone for each of us, and a producer who queued up funny music for segments with names like the Monster Mortgage Minute.

Redfin had its fifteen seconds of fame, and then we all went home to have lunch.