Anything You Say, Ms. Cook!

Our recruiter, Aimee Cook, just stopped by to complain about our recent blog posting, in which we described her as “a competitive bodybuilder.”
I was just about to apologize for the invasion of her privacy when she said, “I’m not just a competitive bodybuilder. I’m a TOP 2% BODYBUILDER.” She seemed surprised by the inquiring looks, familiar now to every strength and endurance athlete at the top of her field, then said: “And that’s NATURAL people!” Which is very important to her.

Then she went striding down the hall to set up a workout regimen for all the Redfin weaklings excited to learn of her double life.

Leaving us to browse the Web for her pictures (the physique looks like Linda Hamilton’s would look if Linda Hamilton ate Linda Hamilton for breakfast) and wonder, if there were performance-enhancing drugs for business people, would businesses allow them? Or install dispensers next to the coffee machine?

Kirill Sheynkman, one of three of us who co-founded Plumtree, wanted to experiment with (secretly) caffeinating employees’ water supply… this was the germ of the idea that led to Redfin’s free-lunch program.


  • Eric

    Please up the quantity of speed in the phad thai.
    The Redfin team