Changes Afoot on the Redfin Blog


It seems that there’s always more to say about the exciting things going on here at Redfin. We’ve recently taken a long, hard look at the blog (and the amazing number of posts so far) and decided to split it up to make it more valuable for readers.

Starting today, there are now three Redfin blogs. There is the Corporate Blog, which will continue to have great posts that everyone will want to read, such as War Stories, stories about our customers, commentary on the real estate market and real estate technology, and details on our latest exploits. Next are two new local blogs, one for the Bay Area and one for Seattle. These each contain the incredibly popular Sweet Digs posts as well as news on local-area real estate trends and open houses.

The corporate blog will stay at and now has links to each of the other blogs. If you’d like to bookmark the Seattle blog, you can map to it at: The Bay Area blog is available at: