How to Get a Job at Redfin

Redfin has been hiring like crazy. Actually, we’ve just been interviewing like crazy. Actually, we’ve been going crazy trying to hire people.

Want a job at Redfin? There are a few things we’d like you to know first:
–> We’ve hired a competitive bodybuilder as our recruiter. Do not mess with her.
–> We’ve gone pro: we just edited our auto-reply for resume submission to eliminate phrases like “eager beaver” & “black abyss.” The process now seems perfectly soulless but it isn’t. We’re really glad to hear from you.
–> If you’re an engineering candidate, prepare for a bizarre decathlon of technical challenges.
–> If you fail at all ten challenges, don’t worry! I did too. Switch gears & talk about hiking.
–> Read Guy Kawasaki’s blog on job-hunting before applying. It gives away all the answers (except the part about being plug-and-play; it’s ok to learn a little on the job).
–> Prepare for an entrepreneurial environment: every day, I watch the drug-dealers just outside our office take down big scores. This evening, someone stole Angela’s car. But there’s also a nice bookstore (with doughnuts) around the corner, bridal parties posing for pictures under pergolas, and an amazing, terrifying, faceless memorial of firefighters in a losing battle, which I have to walk by to get to work.

Pioneer Square.jpg
–> Think of a few ways you’d make Redfin better. If nothing comes to mind, click here.
–> Be a little idealistic: it’s always nice to meet people who care about ideas…
–> And don’t worry about thank-you notes: we’re the ones who are thankful to meet new people.


  • JB
  • armanijohnny

    Redfin you guys and gals are awesome. Here’s my marketing campaign to become a new hire at redfin. If I was hired on first thing I would do is switch out the picture that you think is Pioneer Square of Seattle. The pict that is shown in the blog post is Portland,Ore Pioneer Courthouse Square. Real Estate expertise should be top priority. Granted I’m no pro at real estate (only a mortgage U/W) but just proud to be a Seattlite. Besides that keep on posting.