I Miss The Innocence I've Known…

You may recall from an earlier post that our operations manager’s car got ripped off the other day. What I didn’t say is how oddly unphased she was on getting the news. She was in fact, her usual self, an unsettling combination of jolly and intimidating. This complete unflappability was almost disappointing.

But now, good news! The car was recovered in a run down Belltown parking lot, completely intact except for an empty bottle of Nivea Q-10 lotion in the backseat that Angela saw when she peered through the window. Deeply disturbed by this detail, she called her husband, a heavy-metal drummer, who instantly endorsed her decision to have the vehicle towed.
It’s still sitting in their West Seattle driveway. No one has set foot in it since.


  • http://www.redfin.com Bridgette

    Ewww. One word for you hun — detailing.

  • Hernan Savastano

    Nice Wilco reference.

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