Le Fin de Startupalooza

Breathe a sigh of relief, the first-ever Startupalooza career fair has come to a smashing conclusion (we hope it’s not the last). Led by our fearless recruiter, Aimee Cook, who ordered the entire Redfin workforce to dress in Socialist red, we came prepared to convert the legions of job-seekers to the sexy world of high-tech startups.
Of course the behind-the-scenes work at a startup is never that glamorous. Angela ripped me away from my computer 15 minutes till showtime saying that more signs needed to be hung in the lobby. I ran down with some open house sign and sold riders. The elevator doors opened to a mad house. Early guests waited patiently outside beyond the velvet ropes. And all I could think of was: how are 250 RSVPs, their friends, and last-minute-showups going to fit in our small lobby?

Somehow everyone fit. It was hot inside. Ryan Erickson and Cynthia Pang quickly became crowd favorites, manning the beer kegs. A guest named Carol, asked, “Is this what speed dating feels like?” Another blogger provides an extensive list of the who’s who in Seattle tech who came to see what all the commotion was about.

Bag, Borrow, or Steal had a nice A-board sign as part of their display but I had secretly hoped they would bring out a bunch of their fancy handbags and bling-bling jewelry for us to ogle over. A senior software engineer from Farecast gave me a fascinating 10-minute sermon on how tickets are sold in the airline industry. You don’t just code at a startup; you know the business in detail when you’re only working with a small platoon of diehards.

Glenn took a group outside to talk biz away from the heat and noise. Kelly Engel wouldn’t leave the registration table because, “it’s too much fun meeting all these people.” Bryan Selner and Matt Goyer pulled a product-management smackdown on interested parties. Andrew Donovan handled engineering questions with aplomb in his South African accent. Savan’s name and job title sprawled out over four nametags: Savan. Redfin. Design. Team.

Now we have a stack of business cards and resumes to go through. Interviews to follow. Thanks to everyone who attended.


  • http://doingboeing.blogspot.com Adam Phillabaum

    Looks like a good time… wish I could have been there.