Free Rides on the Magic Redfin Red Carpet

Free home tours are finally here! Customers screamed for it, the marketing department lobbied for it, yet we didn’t do it because we thought it was too reminiscent of irrational dot com behavior like Kozmo-we all know how well that worked out.

Customer feedback from a recent focus group prompted us develop the new Redfin Red Carpet Services: free home tours, free pre-inspections, and the ability to ask an agent a question online.


We prepared ourselves to be inundated with requests and give away home tours by the car load, but so far only a few people have taken us up on the offer. So next time a listing agent gives you drama or you want to see a string of houses let us know.

We have been experimenting with the free pre-inspection program for several months. It is a great way to make your offer more competitive by allowing you to safely waive the inspection contingency on your offer. Plus you will save a couple hundred bucks because Redfin will pick up the tab if you close on the property.

We are answering about 60 ask an agent questions a week. We get everything from questions as vague as “Can you tell me anything else about this property?” to people comparing homes to their marriage like this customer that said “It [the house] is a perfect opportunity as my hubby is the fixer upper type (I am the finder type…).” We haven’t been stumped yet so now is your opportunity to ask us something that even Ken Jennings can’t answer.

Don’t be shy, our agents are standing by.