There Are No Dumb Questions!

A few months ago we launched a feature called Ask an Agent and Ask About a Listing. Answers from our experienced real estate team are just a click away. Since launching the program we have answered hundreds of questions ranging in complexity from “When is the open house” to questions as vague as “Can you tell me anything else about this property?”

The most entertaining of all came late Saturday, Oct. 21 from an intoxicated fellow who was fed up with the real estate market. He asked us several rhetorical questions about the price of homes using mostly four letter words. Here is what he had to say about this $799,950 Capitol Hill home

Are you @#$%ing serious?????? Your asking price is so far outstide the bounds of reality that it make me laugh. A lot. Good luck, dumb ^#@$s.

Coincidentally, the home is actually priced within reason at $392 per square foot compared to the average price per square foot of $448 for homes listing within a five block radius.

There are many ways to access the feature from the Redfin site, with the most common being from the listing detail tab. This image shows the link to “Ask a question” on the right side (circled in green below).


Last week’s most interesting question came from a San Francisco Bay Area Redfin user about a $67,000 listing in Richmond, CA. The user asked, “This property is not listed on the MLS. Looks like a duplex. You call it a bungalow. But on Zillow it is a condo. Its a teaser, right?” Even I was surprised to find something in the Bay Area for that price–I would have guessed there was a zero missing at the end. Our local expert, Rosemary Vo, quickly researched the property and replied “This listing is actually a co-op. It is a true listing, however, the reason it is priced low is because it is difficult to get a loan for this type of property. ”

If you ever have a real estate question you can’t find the answer to or just want expert advice, take advantage of our Ask an Agent functionality. We will get back to you in two hours or less during our agent’s normal business hours (9AM-6PM Monday-Friday, noon-6PM Saturday and Sunday), otherwise we will get back to you before we open the following day.