What Do You Wish There Was?

There are very few postings about startups that I agree with more than Paul Graham’s 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups. It came out a while ago and I saw it a while ago, but it popped up again in a friend’s del.icio.us feed and for some reason I clicked on it again, and was reminded of all the mistakes I’ve made. Paul’s writing style is as clear, simple and perfect as water. My favorite part is about how to find a good problem to solve: “What do you wish there was?”


  • JJ

    Mistake #19 – not building out their system to cover more of Washington.

    Why haven’t you expanded the scope of your map to cover more of Washington? Is it too hard?

    Mistake #20 – squandering a technical and time-to-market lead by treading water, thereby allowing competitors to copy your business model and technology.

    Mistakes #19 and #20 are the two that are going to kill Redfin if you’re not careful.

  • http://www.redfin.com Glenn Kelman

    Hi JJ,
    We feel the same urgency about extending our technical and time-to-market lead, and expanding our business. Who are you by the way? This was an intelligent comment.