Redfin Holiday Party

The Redfin Holiday Party was in many ways different from last year’s party:
1. No one said he had to leave to meet his parole officer.
2. The “potluck” did not entail employees buying a Safeway fried chicken & expensing it.
3. Both women and men willingly attended.
4. The world’s most eligible Korean bachelor came stag.
5. The world’s greatest Korean break-dancer explained how to spin on your head.

In other ways, the party was the same:
1. We held it at my house, after a long, painful silence at a company meeting in which no one else volunteered. Nobody used coasters.
2. Savan made everyone give speeches.


  • Glenn Kelman

    Hi there,

    Perhaps I was just daft with the holiday spirit. We also have a variety of our own reasons for promoting the company culture.

    The issues you raised with our site are best addressed after we release a new version in January. We are working hard on it. Please come back and let us know how you like it.

    Until then, there is very little to report through the winter except that our business is growing. In response to the Zillow news, we did in fact write a substantial comment on the “Future of Real Estate Marketing” blog post that you mentioned; you need only scroll down from that posting.

    And if you’d like, we can expand on that: Zillow is one of several sites allowing users to post listings (CraigsList, Trulia, GoogleBase are three others). Almost all of these listings are already in the MLS. To the extent that these sites begin to capture a meaningful percentage of listings unavailable in the MLS, we will have to integrate that content and become a search portal. This development would be good from Redfin’s perspective, because integrating non-MLS inventory is a feature we are more likely to embrace than our brokerage competitors.

    Zillow’s Make-Me-Move feature may be more successful than our trial, or Reply’s feature, or Igglo’s site. Because Zillow pre-briefed many bloggers, there had been so much breathlessly said about Zillow that I wasn’t sure what we could add to the discussion. It is tiresome to debate the pseudo-oracular idea that Zillow will replace the MLS because the entire premise is based on fear, not necessarily on how Zillow thinks about its strategy.

    I don’t think Zillow in its current incarnation will be a substitute for browsing IDX-powered sites. I don’t think the company has plans to integrate entire IDX feeds, though it may be forced to change its strategy by Google.

    We are not complacent about competition, just realistic about who our competition is. Today, Zillow is not just a Redfin partner, but our best partner.

    That Google has integrated MLS data from Houston, and will soon get feeds directly from brokerages, seems like the most meaningful change among the ad-driven sites. It does not seem likely at all that MLSs’ IDX feeds will be widely shared with Google; witness the new NWMLS policy against sharing data with, which seems like the broader trend.

    In any event, thanks for the comment, check back in January, and happy holidays.