Thursday-Night Chimichangas at the Redmond Azteca

Every day, Redfin gets a dozen or so e-mails about how our site could be better, from people who seem to know a lot about computers, often using browsers that haven’t even been released yet. We have had to conclude that many of them are from the Planet Microsoft.

It’s high time we met a few of you for some “mini-chimis” at the local Azteca. So Michael Young (Redfin’s new CTO) and I (Redfin’s CEO) are headed over to Redmond this Thursday night from 5 – 7 (and beyond!) for drinks. Legendary hipster Matt Goyer will also be there. Anyone from the Eastside who would like to meet us is invited!

Our priorities:
1. Taking people’s ideas and calling them our own: what could we do to make Redfin better?
2. Meeting some of the folks who coded Virtual Earth, so we can figure out how to draw on it.
3. Desultory recruiting, but only if you are a Freak of Nature.
4. And in the end, and only if things go really well, drunken fiasco on a Dostoyevskian scale.
I don’t think too many people will come. So it should be nice & perfect & small.

Your priorities:
1. Free Mexican food & drinks, and good times too, like the Blazing Saddles chili-eating scene…
2. Lots of nice people to talk to about startups, real estate, technology.

We will be signing autographs, but only on bare skin. So you know who to look for, we’ve posted a photo. Mike is the one in the back.