None of You Ever Have to Open Another Math Book Again for the Rest of Your Lives

Last week, seven computer science students from the University of Washington interviewed at Redfin. Remembering my own college interviews, when borrowing my brother’s prescription glasses led me to bypass an interviewer’s outstretched handshake for his navel, I dressed up for the occasion. Most of the candidates wore jeans. We catered a creamy Indian buffet for… Read More

Show Me the Money!

Yesterday’s The Wall Street Journal article – “Do Real-Estate Agents Have a Secret Agenda?” – reported on the well-known, but often undisclosed, practice of sellers offering buyers’ agents additional incentives to close a deal. Sometimes when properties, typically new developments, are not selling as fast as the builder had anticipated they offer additional incentives. Similar… Read More

Maybe We Were Wrong About Google

We complained last week that Google gets too much credit: it hasn’t brought to market a gigantic innovation since search, mail and map (acquisition), despite massive R&D investments, amazing engineers and a much-ballyhooed creative environment. You could even argue that Google hasn’t fundamentally improved its own search experience over how it was, say, four years… Read More