Hogwild Real Estate Party in San Francisco

SocketSite, the obsessive-compulsive San Francisco real estate econometrics blog, is hosting a February 7 meet-up so legendary Editor-in-Chief Adam Koval can take head-on the fundamental question about San Francisco real estate: what’s going on out there? With prices? With new developments? With renovations? Redfin is on the hook for the drinks; registration is already filling… Read More

Virtual Idealists

Steve Jobs is the Internet generation’s Robert Kennedy. Close your eyes, and the Apple CEO even sounds like a Kennedy: follow your passion, the charismatic icon tells our youth; change the world. Except Jobs is selling gadgets, not civil rights. No one seems to have noticed. Now, oil companies gush over the environment. Insurance ads… Read More

We Hear Ya

We want to thank everyone for sending us feedback today on the new site! We were on pins and needles watching our feedback folders, hitting refresh on Google Blog Search, Technorati and following the comments posted on our favorite blogs. Overall, feedback received was positive. But some of your feedback made us reconsider a decision… Read More

Redfin Moves the Earth

There’s a pretty big technology change on Redfin.com today – the integration of Microsoft Virtual Earth as our underlying map platform. Redfin pioneered the use of satellite maps to display information about for sale homes. We built an in-house mapping solution using imagery acquired from various sources (mostly the USGS.) Since then a few other… Read More

We Can't Do Anything Right

Every time I think of this, I smile: on Monday, Rain City Guide published an interview with Redfin about blogging. In a flight of tooty-fruitiness, we described our “child-like joy in finding colorful pictures on Flickr to post.” Seattle Realtor Marlow Harris, Redfin’s natural antagonist, left a sinister warning that this may be illegal. The… Read More