An Unusually Strong Response to Seattle Sweet Digs!

The reviews are in! Redfin’s Seattle real estate experts are winning accolades across the blogosphere for their eyewitness reviews of listings from all over town. A blogger in Arizona who describes herself as living with her husband and her father (“we argue about everything and watch Star Trek with dinner”) reports “I go to this blog and it makes me want to forget everything important to me in life, move to Seattle, and spend inordinate amounts of money on a tiny piece of property.”

The famous Megan, at Not Martha (one of Time Magazine’s coolest websites of 2006), sent us a boatload of traffic just by describing herself as “happily” “attached” (actually I think she was happy about something besides being attached) to the Seattle blog.

It’s nice to hear, not only because some real estate agents have told our bloggers to drop dead, but also because the team works so hard to find cool houses and write interesting things about them.

There’s a lot more we’ll do in the next few months to make the blog more visible (besides shamelessly plugging it here) and easy to use. For a start, we’ve started publishing a summary of all the posts alongside a review of the day’s most popular property in our newsletter.

Here’s a picture of the team:

Some of our favorite posts include:
–> Amy Helen Johnson on the charms of living in the Smith Tower as well as a perceptive post on a recent drop in inventory.
–> Anna McClain on the “Beverly Hillbillies-style entryway” of a house that looks like a “La Quinta” on Bainbridge.
–> Polly Meyer asks, would you move for the food? And proceeds to list her favorite restaurants all over south Seattle.
–> Bahn Lee notices a startling resemblance between a Kirkland living room and the Incredibles’ living room.
–> Jessi Princiotto complains that a Clyde Hill mansion would be more interesting if it had “a hedge maze.”
–> Laura Reiter notes of another south Seattle house that “the pink and lime combination give one the impression of living inside a watermelon.”
–> Elizabeth Chapman is relieved to find a West Seattle staircase that “can be navigated without a Sherpa.”


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