We Can't Do Anything Right

Every time I think of this, I smile: on Monday, Rain City Guide published an interview with Redfin about blogging. In a flight of tooty-fruitiness, we described our “child-like joy in finding colorful pictures on Flickr to post.” Seattle Realtor Marlow Harris, Redfin’s natural antagonist, left a sinister warning that this may be illegal.


The photos are public, but from here on out, we’ll provide a link for attribution. Marlow: good bust, baby.

Bonus link: Gastrokid.


  • M H

    The picture you have there is (c) all rights reserved by the photographer. On the other hand, there is a huge amount of creative-commons licensed material in Flickr that you can use with total freedom (and are even encouraged to use!) Advanced Search in Flickr lets you filter out the all rights reserved stuff.

  • Mark

    M H has too much free time.

  • http://www.360Digest.com Marlow Harris

    My initials are MH, but that isn’t me! Though it does sound like something I would write :)

  • http://www.buy-madison-real-estate.com/designated_agency.html Jay Reifert

    Hi Glenn,

    I’d appreciate it if you would give me a call. I’d like to talk with you a bit about Redfin’s experience with Procuring Cause, and changes to the Realtor Code of Ethics.

    Here’s a little about me, so you can judge whether you might want to call:






    If you want to call, it won’t be too hard to find my phone number…

    Jay Reifert, Broker/Owner
    Excel-Exclusive Buyer Agency
    Madison, Wisconsin