We Hear Ya

We want to thank everyone for sending us feedback today on the new site! We were on pins and needles watching our feedback folders, hitting refresh on Google Blog Search, Technorati and following the comments posted on our favorite blogs.

Overall, feedback received was positive. But some of your feedback made us reconsider a decision about the transparency of parcels. Apparently making the parcels opaque was a huge mistake. Fortunately amending the design of our parcels is relatively easy and we will release a new version of the site later tonight.

This is how the change looks on the road view:


This is how the change looks on the hybrid view:


Now you can see the property below, but we are worried that it is too hard to tell the viewed from the not yet viewed listings and that the parcels blend in with the other colors on the road map. Clearly we need to think about this more and we will (suggestions are welcome too!).

Other input feedback received included: the size of the icons, what zoom level we turn the parcels on at, and our lack of Safari support. Unfortunately our hands are tied about Safari support because Microsoft’s Virtual Earth does not support Safari, but we will see what we can do. We are considering additional fixes in upcoming releases.

If you have any other feedback, please feel free to contact us at feedback *at * redfin.com. However, a few of us on the technology side will be taking the weekend off :).


  • http://blog.redfin.com/blog/seattle/ Marie Hagman

    Yay! Thank you, this was driving me nuts but hadn’t gotten around to complaining about it ;)

  • Arvind

    currently you use an icon to show the house on the market. can you also scale up and down the size of the icon as user zooms in or zooms out the map. when user zooms out, the icon still remain of same size which is not very helpful.

  • Yaron

    Return the parcel view it was much better and had made your site the right place to be with the unique UI ! :)