Unleash the Hounds

Pandemonium here at Redfin as 60 Minutes aired first on the East Coast and now, in a few minutes, out here in the West. When the show aired in the East, our site became very slow. Chris Neitzert scrambled to keep every server online. Michael Arrington blogged about us on TechCrunch. The hate-mail began pouring in. My mother called to ask why I didn’t get a better haircut? Everyone is answering telephones. To help handle the load, we’ve recruited some agents who haven’t quite hit their 20-deal minimum.
Rob McGarty and Cynthia Pang rolled in some burritos y beer for all the families who turned out for the Red Carpet premiere. The stars of the show are meanwhile relaxing in a special green room for screening the action:
Bonus link from a friend of Redfin: The Black Shark (registration required, but it’s worth it).


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  • Eric

    Congratulations Redfin Team! You guys worked your butts off for the last year and a half and deserve every bit of the glory.

  • Jean

    I don’t want to pay a 6 percent commission when I sell my house. It would be over $36,000. A photograph would sell it!

    I wish you luck in your fight with the greedy, self-serving, monopolistic . . . National Association of Realtors.

  • Ciaran

    Publish the hate mail! Some of it’s got to be good for a laugh.

  • Nick Davis

    How did you score a 60 minutes interview? Talk about hitting the jackpot!

  • http://www.hybrid-design.com Dora

    Congratulations! This kind of reform is incredibly overdue.
    It’s going to be hard to turn this large ship around, but like many other industries it is inevitable. Might as well lead. Great work!

  • http://www.nwupdate.com James Hsu

    how come the minimum number of deals for new redfin agents went down to 20?

  • http://www.redfin.com Glenn Kelman

    To answer James’s question: there was an agent we really wanted to hire who only had 20 deals and we thought she was worth the stretch.