One Bowl of Grass Porridge After Another

Redfin showed up in some unexpected places over the past week.

The most e-mailed article in The New York Times today is a farewell posting from Damon Darlin, author of the weekly column “Your Money.” Damon originally profiled Redfin in The New York Times. In his latest article, he acknowledges that his wife has scolded him for giving advice that could reduce our existence to “just one bowl of cold grass porridge after another.” But he also maintains that there are still “rules of life worth considering.” His first rule, in a greatest-hits survey of his advice over the years: “never pay a real estate agent a 6 percent commission.”


Redfin meanwhile inadvertently antagonized a new segment of the American economy last week with a guest article on Guy Kawasaki’s blog encouraging start-ups to to consider talking to the press on their own. In the comments section, which ran to over 5,000 words, publicists described the essay as “obnoxious,” “degrading” and “upset[ting.]” We have no beef with PR agencies, several of whom saw the article as evidence enough that we needed their help and sent us a business pitch. The article was posted to more than 200 times over the past week, sending it to the top of the charts.

And finally, there is a blog posting from Michael Palermiti, a Microsoft program manager who helped us find a performance bug by using our web form to send us feedback; the feedback arrives via an e-mail to Redfin executives and product managers. Some days, when we’re all in a tizzy to make the website faster and better, to answer the phones on the first ring, to hire great people, it’s nice to get encouragement from bloggers such as Michael: “I personally know a couple people who have sold their homes this past year with the help of Redfin and the process according to them was painless. They also raved about the customer service.”

You can see this article and everything else about Redfin in the new feed we use to distribute Redfin-related news from other sites to our employees.

Two bonus links: one sent to us under the title “greatest nature video ever?” The other is an amazing soccer goal.

In search of a photo for this entry, we discovered that a band exists called “Throbbing Gristle.”