The Naked Truth: More Than We Can Handle

The Naked Truth, the meet-up we’re putting together next Tuesday for entrepreneurs to talk to the media, is all full. We’ve rented out tents, chairs and a stage for the adjoining parking lot, which is now hosting the panel. Even though I have recently learned there will be no healthy vegetarian options whatsoever, we doubled the barbecue budget.

Party mastermind Angela Cough kayboshed renting a windowless beer van to slowly circle the block (“nobody wants to sit in a van with you”), but she did add another hulking security guard (“we just don’t want things to get out of hand”).


Fortunately for those behind the velvet rope, plenty of people on the list aren’t going to show. At 5:40 for the panel, and 7:15 for the party, we’re going to open up the waitlist. We’ll probably be able to accommodate everybody. The evening of the event, we’ll post a notice on this blog and the invitation wiki about how things look for the party, so you can avoid making the trip if it looks like you won’t get in.

Now, on to more important business. We have a bonus link, courtesy of a Second Friend of Redfin, who admires the “sheer unbridled animality” of a computer chip magnate’s plans for an elaborate pleasure grotto. On a kinder note, the New York Times reports on the story behind the iconic image of this week’s steam blast.


  • noname

    meat is good

  • HealthySeattle

    With over 500 people and a Seattle location, it’s not ok to skip the vegetarian options.

  • Jolene

    Hey! That’s my photo!

  • makelaar

    Nice and round, jolene :)

  • Jolene

    I meant, I took that photo! (Although, mine is nicer and rounder.)