A Brave New Nerd Kingdom

I sit in Redfin’s West Wing, with the folks who answer our telephones in easy earshot, and most of our software engineers everywhere else. It’s a pleasant place, which every day seems to turn up strong opinions, small revelations, useful squibs, useless facts. It seems a shame that we go to such great lengths to… Read More

The Web Is Becoming A Gigantic Lead-Generating Contraption for Business-As-Usual

The Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Buckman published an article yesterday depicting Redfin as the oddball on an ad-crazed Sand Hill Road. Which is unfortunately true. When we were meeting investors about our last round of financing, three huge deals for ad networks had just set venture capital abuzz: Microsoft bought aQuantive for $6 billion, Google… Read More

We Took Your Advice…

We took your advice about Redfin’s home page, which we published to our website this evening. We especially liked Angela and Chuck’s suggestions about numbering each step. We’ve noticed that women especially seem to prefer an alternative treatment, with a photo of happy customers and a simple explanation of how our business is different. At… Read More

You're Not Alone

Following a guest appearance on Guy Kawasaki’s blog arguing for Do-It-Yourself PR, Redfin is back in action with a post on all the ways a startup can be hard. Many thanks to Redfin star engineer Michael Smedberg for working through the ideas in the essay, and to Guy for posting it up. The idea grew… Read More