A Brave New Nerd Kingdom

I sit in Redfin’s West Wing, with the folks who answer our telephones in easy earshot, and most of our software engineers everywhere else. It’s a pleasant place, which every day seems to turn up strong opinions, small revelations, useful squibs, useless facts.

It seems a shame that we go to such great lengths to figure out vexing problems and never tell anyone else about it. So we’re publishing a new Redfin blog for developers, by developers, and are stuffing it full of everything we learn as we put together the Redfin site, including code samples, beauty contests, log files. Our only theme will be what seems useful to share with others.

To figure out whether it’s your cup of tea, check out the inaugural posts:

1. Code to recognize automatically a Web user’s time zone, by Michael Smedberg

2. Why we switched from Six Apart’s Movable Type to WordPress, by Alex Loddengaard

3. Why we chose Microsoft Virtual Earth vs. Google Maps (originally published here in early 2007), by Bryan Selner and others?

Or just grab the RSS link for your feedreader.