Kevin Kelly Blogs Up His Redfin Home-Buying Experience

Kevin Kelly, who is our hero mostly for having edited the Whole Earth Catalog but also for having been a member of the founding team behind Wired Magazine, just blogged about a house he bought through Redfin!

Kevin describes the site as “one of the easier ones to use, with nice virtual walk thrus of each home, and good comparison data for the neighborhood.” He also says Redfin is “a joy to navigate.” He saved $15,000 buying a home through Redfin.

We couldn’t be more proud to have Kevin as a customer. And grateful: his blog posting, combined with the appearance of Redfin’s “60 Minutes” segment on the front page of Yahoo! today, gave us a nice boost…

Today’s bonus link comes from A Friend of Redfin; it is an obituary of Father Sir Hugh Barrett-Lennard, “a greatly admired if highly eccentric priest of the London Oratory” who, when asked for confession outside church, held up a tennis racket to serve as a grille, so that the separation of confessor and penitent was maintained.”

Many thanks to Guy Kawasaki for posting up The Naked Truth video on how entrepreneurs talk to the press.